How can we help you accelerate your progress and results?

  • Do you need a strategic advisor to help plan and launch your business transformation initiative? 
  • A CIO level senior advisor to help assess, advise and guide your IT strategy?
  • Help figuring out why your team are stuck or your project has lost momentum?
  • A Project Manager to help you figure out where to start and lay out a plan your team can execute to?
  • Training and coaching to equip your team with the knowledge, tools and techniques they need to lead their teams and manage their projects?
  • A Project Health Check Assessment to fast-track your project to accelerate your results?
  • Facilitated Strategic Planning or Portfolio Assessment  to help you organize and prioritize the work to achieve targeted business results?
  • An assessment of how your team is working to identify and clear roadblocks so they can execute your strategy and accelerate their results?

The types of clients that hire us include…

  • Organizations who don’t have in-house project managers to lead their projects.
  • Organizations with too much work on their team’s list already, and need to supplement their team with experienced project managers and leaders to guide their more complex projects.
  • Executive leaders who are embarking on transformational initiatives that have the potential to transform or disrupt their entire business.
  • Organizations who have tried other project management options and their project has either stalled or failed to deliver.
  • Executives who wish to equip their team with leadership and management skills and tools they need to successfully lead their teams.
  • Leaders who wish to be a catalyst for change within their teams and organizations.
  • Organizations who are burned out from Duct Tape Leadership and are ready to set up an environment where their team can be successful

Let’s have a conversation about your needs today…