Fast-track results. Reduce risk. Enable and empower your team.

Re-energize & optimize your organization by aligning business and systems strategy and execution, to deliver the right results.

Is your project or team stuck?

IT consulting

Are you overwhelmed? Is your team already overloaded and still challenged to do more?

Newgrange IT consulting

Are you pivoting and changing priorities frequently? Is Duct Tape Leadership putting your organization at risk?

professional IT consulting

Are you… Pressured on budget and resources? Pressured for results? Pressured to have it all done yesterday?

As your team sprints from project to project, your business risk increases exponentially.

It’s no wonder 1 in 3 projects fail, more than half of IT projects fail, and 1 in 6 projects has a cost overrun of up to 200%.

No wonder most team members are stuck, unable to see a clear path forward.

I get it. As a senior manager in a large Fortune 500 company for many years, I’ve been there, and I’ve felt the constant push and pull of conflicting priorities and impossible goals.

As a consultant, I’ve witnessed these same challenges in every client engagement, regardless of the size or the industry. I care about your success. And I care that your team and organization do more than just survive day-to-day.

I launched Newgrange IT Consulting in 2010 to empower clients to deliver results by aligning technical strategy, business goals and project execution.

Our consultants have led successful projects and teams, from small projects to multi-million dollar solutions that impacted thousands of employees globally.

We’ve developed strategic partnership with clients to build multi-year roadmaps for their success, and helped them implement solutions that changed their organization for the better.

And most importantly, we have developed a system for managing complexity and the unexpected in the most challenging of projects.

I’ve learned the hard way, and I’m committed to helping you avoid the mistakes I made along the way…..



At Newgrange, we enable and empower organizations to succeed through effective use of business applications, leveraging seasoned project management methods, to deliver real business results.

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